TMCC Parking Information

TMCC Parking is free and open to the public at all TMCC sites and educational centers. No permits are required.

New TMCC Parking Lot

Parking Meters

TMCC parking meters accept quarters, dimes and nickels, at $1 per hour with a two-hour maximum. University Police Services monitor them, and give citations when necessary. Meters are enforced Monday–Friday from 7 a.m.–5 p.m., except holidays and other days when TMCC is closed. Citations can be paid at the Accounting Services Cashier's Office in RDMT 318.

Dandini East Parking Lot

TMCC's newest paved lot with 400 parking spaces, the Dandini East parking lot features four electric vehicle charging stations, power-efficient LED lighting, a crosswalk with flashers across Campus Loop Road, and a sidewalk from the new lot to the existing Sierra Building walkway.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

TMCC and NV Energy have teamed up to provide two Verdek Electric Vehicle Charging Stations located on the south side of the Vista Building on the Dandini Campus.

You must register on the Charge Point website and receive a free Charge Point card in order to use the units.

Purple Heart Parking

Purple Heart parking is a designated space that can be used by disabled or injured veterans. The space is located near the police entrance and receiving dock, adjacent to the Red Mountain Building.

RTC Bus Comes to Campus

TMCC students and staff can use their TMCC ID for free transportation under the ED-PASS program.

If you have questions, please contact Facilities Operations and Capital Planning.