Learning Commons

Learning Commons Study Area

The Learning Commons is a welcoming, dynamic shared space where students, staff and faculty are able to access and utilize Library Services, Tutoring, Computers, Group Study Rooms, WebCollege, Academic Support Center, Lost and Found, and Professional Development.

The Learning Commons is designed to support the Mission of TMCC to promote student success, academic excellence and access to lifelong learning to our diverse community.

Learning Commons Services


The Learning Commons has desktop computers on the first floor for student and public use. All computers are equipped with Microsoft Office software. Please review the Computer Lab Use Guidelines


The Learning Commons has both black-and-white and color printers.


The Learning Commons has two flatbed scanners and two book scanners for users to scan papers and books. The scanned material can be emailed or saved to a portable storage device.

Laptop Checkouts

The Learning Commons has laptops available for checkout and use in the building. Please see our Laptop Loan Program FAQ for more details.

Study Space

The entire second floor of the Learning Commons is designated as a quiet study space.

Group Study Room Reservations

The Learning Commons has study rooms available for student use, and they can be booked in advance. Please use our online Room Booking System, or contact the Circulation Desk or call 775-674-7600 to reserve these rooms.

TMCC Libraries provide academic research resources, promote information literacy, new technologies, support distance education and lifelong learning.

The TLC provides free tutoring to TMCC students in many subject areas, including Biology, Chemistry, Math, Foreign Languages and Writing.

Online learning will help you achieve educational goals on your schedule—gaining college credits anywhere and at any time.

The Part-time Faculty Support Center provides information, services and support to TMCC part-time faculty.

Lost and found items on the Dandini Campus are stored in the TMCC Library and kept for two weeks past the end of the semester.

Learning Commons Guidelines

When entering the Learning Commons location (SIER LIB), students agree to and are expected to follow these guidelines:

Learning Commons Information Desk

  • Academic appropriate and respectful behavior is expected from every person in the Learning Commons.
  • No food or drinks are allowed at the computer stations in the Learning Commons.
  • Covered beverages are allowed in the Learning Commons open space.
  • Snacks (without strong odor) are allowed in the Learning Commons open space.
  • Please clean up after yourselves.
  • Please leave space as you found it.
  • Please be respectful of noise. The Learning Commons should be an area where students can concentrate and study. Noise, including conversations and phone calls, should be kept to a reasonable level. If you need to have an area to freely communicate with a group of students please reserve a group study room.
  • Upstairs of the Learning Commons is a quiet area.
  • Please do not leave any personal items unattended; unattended property will be taken to lost and found.
  • Do not block any emergency exits or emergency equipment.

See Also: Service Animal/Pet Policy and Procedure