CNA/CLS Program Steps to Apply

  1. Apply to the College
    Complete a TMCC Application for Admission and view important dates and deadlines. If you have questions, contact the Admissions and Records Office.
  2. Complete Required Program Interest Form
    Complete and submit this online program interest form that directly informs our department about your intent to apply to one of our programs.

    Don't skip this important step, or your application may be delayed!

    Fill out my online form.
  3. Complete the Following Requirements
    Allow six weeks for this process. Background checks and drug tests can take time. Multiple TB tests and vaccine courses can also take several weeks. Please submit your items in the order listed.
    • Background Check, Drug Screen and Immunizations (valid for one year; cost: $118)
      Items are verified by PreCheck, Inc., a firm specializing in healthcare worker screening.

      Note: PreCheck will specify where you can complete your drug test and they'll provide instructions on how to submit your immunization information.

      • Go to the PreCheck website ("Truckee Meadows Community College – CNA/CLS" should be pre-populated).
      • Select your Program (CNA or CLS).
      • Then check all three services: "Background Check," "Drug Test," and "Immunizations".
      • Click "Start Application" and complete the required fields.
      • Note about Immunizations: You will need to provide documentation of your current immunization status. Read more about the required immunizations.
    • Insurance and CPR Cards
      • Insurance: You will need to provide proof of your Major Medical Insurance Coverage for the class term.
      • CPR Card: If you’re enrolling in the CNA Program you are required to have an American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) card. No other CPR certification will be accepted. Your card must be valid for the class term and cannot expire during that term.
  4. Register for Classes
    When documents are complete and uploaded, all information will be verified and we will contact you via email indicating your "release" date. You must be released by the Nursing Assistant Department in order to enroll in the class.