CNA Handbook: Program Requirements

CNA Students


Requirements for the TMCC CNA Program include immunizations, CPR card, insurance, drug screen and background check. More information »


Students who attend CNA classes follow the fee schedule and refund policy described in the current TMCC College Catalog. These costs are subject to change.

  • Tuition for 6 credits
  • Lab Fees ($50)
  • Textbook and workbook (check with TMCC Bookstore for current pricing)

Demands of the Program

The TMCC CNA program is physically, emotionally, and academically demanding. Students often work during the program, but should be aware of working excessive hours (more than 20) since it may interfere with their ability to successfully complete the program due to the need for study and rest.

In the accelerated course, students may need to curtail their work schedule even further.

Students are encouraged to contact TMCC's Financial Aid office to determine their eligibility for assistance.