CNA Handbook: Attendance Policy

TMCC CNA Students

Attendance is necessary to obtain the most benefit from the CNA Program.

  • Session: A "session" is defined as a lecture, a lab or clinical.
  • Absence: if the student is 10 minutes or more late for any class session OR if the student leaves 10 minutes or more before the scheduled end of any class session.
  • Tardiness: If the student arrives less than 10 minutes to class or leaves early within 10 minutes from the scheduled end of the class.

If two absences and/or tardies -- or any combination of the two -- occurs, the student will be placed on a contract.

After two absences and/or tardies, the result may be termination (F grade) at the discretion of the instructor, or the student may withdraw per TMCC policy.

Clinical Sessions

Attendance is mandatory for all clinical sessions. Any tardies in clinical will follow the above protocol.


If, in case of an emergency, a student misses one of the clinical sessions, he/she will be placed on contract. The student must make up that missed clinical day in order to complete the class; this is only done if the student is in good standing and if there is an opening available. The make-up is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If it is not possible to make up the clinical, the student may receive an incomplete (I grade) and at the end of the course must complete all required coursework in the time frame allowed by the college to receive a grade and certificate of completion.

Any additional absences or tardiness may result in termination or withdrawal from the course.

Note: If there is an emergency and the student will be absent or late, he/she must call and speak directly to the instructor rather than just leaving a message.

Course Work

Course work missed for any reason may be made up at the discretion of the instructor.

It is the responsibility of the student to consult with the instructor prior to any absences from class/lecture/lab or clinical experience. The instructor makes the final determination on whether the missed work can be done at a time other than during the regularly scheduled class period.