CNA Certification

CNA Students Meeting

Students who successfully complete the TMCC CNA NURS 130 course are eligible to apply for certification in the state of their choice. Each state Board of Nursing determines requirements for certification; it is the student’s responsibility to contact the state of their choice to ascertain eligibility requirements. Completion of an approved program is only one of the requirements, and does not mean automatic certification as a Nursing Assistant.

For further information, students should contact the TMCC CNA Coordinator or the Nevada State Board of Nursing (NSBN).

State CNA Examination

TMCC is one of Nevada's testing sites for the two NSBN CNA exams: the Clinical Skills Competency Exam and the Written Knowledge Exam. Once students have completed the CNA class and wish to take these exams, they must complete the following requirements:

Step 1: Submit NSBN application and application fee.

See the NSBN website for details and address where to send. If you have questions regarding your eligibility, please contact the NSBN.

Step 2: Schedule and pay for both of the required exams.

Visit the Credentia website for scheduling information and payment instructions. Policies and procedures regarding state testing (including testing schedules and payment information) can be accessed on their site. 

CNA Certificate

Once you have passed both the NSBN CNA Written Knowledge and Clinical Skills Competency exams, visit the NSBN to print a copy of your CNA certificate (CNA certificates are not mailed).

ADA Accommodations

Students requiring accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) should refer to the Credentia website.