SGA Finance and Travel Award Appeal Process

Club funding and travel funding is not a right of recognized SGA clubs/organizations, but a service provided by the SGA. Clubs may appeal a denial of funds by the SGA Finance Committee.


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The SGA will not always provide 100% of funds requested through SGA Club Finance Requests and SGA Club Travel Award Applications. Funding is not guaranteed, even if all deadlines and guidelines are met. Before appealing, please consider the following:

  • Priority is given to:
    • New clubs/organizations (as defined in the Club Recognition and Renewal Procedure).
    • Clubs/organizations with less than $200 in current funds.
    • Clubs/organizations hosting events that:
      • Collaborate with other departments or clubs/organizations.
      • Promote leadership development.
      • Encourage student engagement in clubs/organizations.
      • Are open to all TMCC students.
  • Incomplete SGA Club Finance Requests or SGA Club Travel Award Applications will not be considered for funding, no exceptions. All form fields must be completed. If the information requested does not pertain to the applicant, please indicate with "N/A" (not applicable). PDF forms must be submitted with proper signatures. The application must include copies of transportation, lodging, or per diem quotes or confirmations specifying amounts for these expenses.
  • The amount actually awarded for a SGA Club Finance Request or SGA Club Travel Award Application depends on:
    • The completeness and appropriateness of the request (please do not attempt to inflate expenses in order to get more funding).
    • The number of SGA Club Travel Award Applications received and funds already awarded by the SGA in each academic year. Request are considered on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • The amount of funds a club has received from previous SGA Club Finance Requests or SGA Club Travel Award Applications during the current academic year.

Appeal Process

If the guidelines above have been followed and a club disagrees with the decision of the Finance Committee, clubs may file an appeal according to the following procedure:

  1. Within ten business days of notification of the Finance Committee's decision, the club may send an email to the SGA Senate explaining the reason(s) for the appeal.
  2. The SGA Senate will meet and consider appeals at the next SGA Senate meeting (in accordance with the Nevada Open Meeting Law).
  3. Appellants will be notified when the appeal will be reviewed by the SGA Senate. Appellants are encouraged to attend the SGA Senate meeting where the appeal will be considered.
  4. All appellants will be notified of the SGA Senate’s decision via email within five business days of the decision made.