RSO Travel Procedures

Students travelling

If members of recognized student clubs/organizations travel to conferences, competitions or group trips outside of Reno, they must adhere to all TMCC travel policies and procedures. Submission of an Off-Campus Event Request form is required. Travel for RSO members and advisors is completely optional.

For complete information regarding travel, including forms, please visit the TMCC Travel Procedures website.

Fifteen-passenger vans are not allowed to be used for any TMCC purposes.

Travel reimbursement (airfare, registration, lodging, per diem, etc.) is optional and must be determined by each RSO in compliance with TMCC Travel Procedures. Lodging and per diem may not exceed the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) rates.

Club/Organization Travel Award Program

The SGA and Student Activities and Leadership Office offer limited financial support to club members attending professional conferences. Find out more »