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SGA Elections


Information included on this page is vital to running for a TMCC Student Government Association (SGA) elected office. Please read it carefully as you will be held responsible for information contained within. Remember that as a candidate, you are responsible for the actions of anyone campaigning on your behalf.

Campaigning is defined as: anything written or spoken by a candidate and those specifically designated by the candidate that promotes the election of a candidate to any Student Government Association elected office.

Make sure that all of your campaign staff and volunteers are familiar with the information included on this web page. If you have any questions regarding this information, seek clarification before campaigning begins. During the entire elections process, the Student Life and Development (SLD) Coordinator will be your source of clarification for questions, issues, etc.

Procedure for Additions to the SGA Ballot

Any supplemental questions added to the SGA ballot must be pre-approved by the SGA Elections Committee at least 30 days prior to the start of elections. Based on the recommendation of TMCC's Webmaster, more than 5 supplemental questions may be converted into a survey that is attached to the ballot.

SGA Elections Meet and Greet

Candidates in the SGA elections are required to attend the Elections Meet and Greet event. Candidates must give a two minute presentation. If candidates are unable to attend due to class conflicts, the Elections Committee chair and/or SLD Coordinator must be notified.

2021 Student Employment Deadlines

If elected, SGA officers must provide documents for student employment by Friday, Apr. 23, 2021. For more information please contact us.

2021 Voting Dates, Times and Locations

TMCC students may vote from any computer via SGA's website beginning March 1 through April 2, 2021.

Grievance Procedure

TMCC students may file an Elections Grievance form if it is believed that the SGA has violated election rules or procedures.

  1. Any current student shall be permitted to file a grievance.
  2. Grievances must be submitted to the SLD Coordinator within ten business days of the alleged misconduct. Grievances will not be accepted after the deadline has elapsed.
  3. Grievances must be filed using the Election Grievance form.
  4. Grievances must list which provisions of the Elections Rules and/or College Catalog were violated.
    1. Upon receipt of a complete grievance form, the SGA Elections Committee will set a date, time, and place for the grievance hearing.
  5. Grievance Hearings shall follow the prescribed format:
    1. At the onset of the meeting, the Elections Committee Chair shall read the official title of the grievance.
    2. At that time, each side of the involved parties will have ten minutes to present their case. This is a hard time limit, and involved parties will be cut off by the committee chair after a party’s time period has elapsed.
    3. Following the opening arguments, each side will be permitted to ask five questions to the opposition. Questions should be directed to the committee, should the chair deem the question appropriate, relevant, and non-repetitive, the chair will direct the question to the appropriate party. During the question portion, no new information or charges may be introduced.  Responses to questions will be limited to one minute.
    4. Following questions, each side will have two minutes for closing arguments.
    5. The time limits and question counts are subject to the chair's discretion, and may be changed to gain a fuller understanding of issues at hand.
    6. The SGA Elections Committee shall assess and enforce all penalties.
      1. The campaign will be notified of any penalties incurred within one business day of the hearing.
      2. Penalties may require a party to correct an action that is in conflict with a provision set forth in the election rules. If such corrective action is feasible, it must be completed within twenty-four hours of the Elections Committee notifying the party. Failure to complete the correction will be subject to disqualification.
  6. Violations of the Election Rules and/or Rules and Disciplinary Procedures for Students may result in disqualification, reprimand, restitution, probation or suspension.