TMCC Mascot Appearances

TMCC Mascots

TMCC's mascots, Mighty and Wizard, official ambassadors for the College.

Show your TMCC spirit by bringing the mascot to your event: "Wizard the Lizard" or "Mighty the Lizard" are available by request for appearances at College events. The mascots are the official ambassadors for TMCC, and proudly represent the College.

Appearance Policies and Required Accommodations 

  • Appearances have a one-hour minimum requirement.
  • Outdoor appearances between May-September are limited to one hour.
  • A responsible TMCC full-time employee must be available to assist the performers at all times during the events.
  • Ten-minute breaks will be taken every 20 minutes.
  • A private & lockable changing room is required for the mascot (no public bathrooms).
  • Water must be provided for the mascot.
  • The costume will not be loaned or rented.
  • The mascot will bring along his/her own handler for all appearances.
  • Harassment policy: If the mascot or their handler feels unsafe at any time during the appearance, the performers have the right to cut short the appearance accordingly.
  • Major repair or cleaning of the costume resulting from damage sustained at your event (outside of normal wear and tear) will be billed to the requestor.

Event Request Policies

  • Mascot appearances will be limited to events and programs that align with TMCC's Mission and Core Values.
  • Completion of the Mascot Request Form does not guarantee that TMCC can fulfill the request.
  • TMCC events and activities will be prioritized.
  • Events and appearances requested by TMCC's President's Office or TMCC leadership will be prioritized.
  • Requests are fulfilled based on availability and at the discretion of TMCC’s Recruitment and Access Center and may be denied for any reason.
  • Requests must be received a minimum of four weeks in advance.
  • Confirmation will be made no less than one week after the form is submitted.