Jump Start Program

Jump Start Your Way To College Early, at an Affordable Price!

Explore Jump Start's benefits:

  • Tuition discounts and Fees (for Nevada residents):
    • For Summer 2024, Fall 2024, and Spring 2025 Semesters: Jump Start students who are enrolled in a concurrent class will be charged $75 per class with no additional fees. (Note: Concurrent is defined as having a high school instructor teach a TMCC class in person at the high school through their regular workload. If you do not know if your high school offers this mode, please contact us.)
    • An additional tuition discount is available for high school students who receive free and reduced lunch. If you believe you qualify for this discount, please contact your high school counselor or administrator. Your counselor or administrator will need to submit a form on your behalf.
    • For all other class(es), despite class mode, students will be charged $85 per credit plus technology per credit fee and any special class fee if applicable. Jump Start students will have the following fees waived:
      • Application fee is waived!
      • Student Association per credit fee is waived!
      • Health and Sports per credit fee is waived!
      • Academic Success Initiatives Fee is waived!
  • You can earn college and high school credit at the same time. Check with your high school counselor to see if a TMCC class will count towards your high school graduation or elective requirement.
  • College classes are offered in various formats, including Web Course (Asynchronous), Web Live (synchronous), Hybrid, or In-person.
  • Access to TMCC student support services, such as tutoring, advisement, and TMCC's Sports and Fitness Center while taking classes at TMCC.
  • Gain college experience!