Identifying an Unknown Staphs, Strep, or Enteric


This lab should give you the background information and techniques you will need to successfully perform biochemical tests in order to identify unknown bacterial samples. The micro lab website, your textbook, the web and assorted books available in lab will be the reference materials necessary for you to successfully complete the next several weeks of lab work.

  • Each pair will receive one unknown organism to identify. You will conduct tests appropriate for your organism to determine genus and species identification.
  • Each pair may have to present information on the specific organism they identified including: test results, where that organism is part of the normal flora, when and where that organism becomes a pathogen, possible diseases the organism causes.
  • For each biochemical test you perform, make sure to record the following in your lab book:
    • What does a positive test result look like?
    • What is the biochemical basis of the test?