Microbiology Resource Center

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This site is designed to provide you with the resources to successfully complete the laboratory section of BIOL 251.

The laboratory curriculum follows the curriculum recommendations established by the American Society of Microbiologists for an Introductory Microbiology course for all post-secondary institutions. These standards are embedded in your laboratory protocols.

We place a special emphasis on the thinking skill standards. This is probably the most important thing you will gain from this lab. The procedures you will be using closely follow those established in the Manual of Clinical Microbiology, 8th Edition.

The lab is geared for the pre-health professional with an emphasis on human clinical microbiology. This site replaces a commercial microbiology lab manual. We hope this not only saves you money but is also more useful since it is tailored for the equipment and organisms we actually work with.

The digital photographs included in this site are of the slides and tests produced and used in this lab.

Using this Site

This site is a resource for all the sections of microbiology. The basics of the lab curriculum are the same for all sections. Each instructor has their own slant on presenting them. Expect modifications to the assignments listed on this website. Your instructor will inform you of those modifications either in lab, on the web or via handouts.

We have presented the essential information you need. There are reference materials available in lab and a wealth of information on the web.


The list to your right links you to detailed information on the lab assignments and projects you will complete. Your instructor’s syllabus will contain the essential information on schedule, due dates, and the allotted points. We strongly encourage you to keep track of your points as you proceed.