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Library Policies

Library Study Area

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Patron Agreement

By obtaining a library account, patrons agree to:

  • Have an active TMCC ID or TMCC Library Card to check out any material.
  • Renew or return all material by the due date.
  • Read and respond to all library notices promptly.
  • Inform TMCC library of updates to your patron record with all address changes.
  • Be responsible for the borrowed materials and notify the library if material is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.
  • Pay any fines or fees for non-return of library materials checked out on your patron record.

Library Branch Locations

Library resources are available at the following TMCC locations:

  1. The Elizabeth Sturm Library is the College's main library branch. It is located in the western half of the Sierra Building on the Dandini Campus at 7000 Dandini Blvd. View 360° images »
  2. The Neil J. Redfield e-Library is located at 475 Edison Way in the Pennington Applied Technology Center.
  3. The Meadowood Center Library is located at 5720 Neil Road on the third floor of the Meadowood Center.
  4. The Pennington Health Science Center is located at 18600 Wedge Parkway, Building B.

Please note: While Library policies can also be found in the College Catalog, please consider the information on this page to be the most up-to-date during in-between dates of any given academic year.

Loan Periods

The following individuals are eligible to use library material under the guidelines outlined below:

  • TMCC students, faculty, and staff
  • NSHE faculty and students
  • Residents of the state of Nevada
Materials   Loan Period
General Library Materials TMCC students and staff
NSHE faculty and students
21 days
  Full and part-time TMCC faculty  for the semester
Periodicals All In-library use only
Non-reserve and VHS videos TMCC students and NSHE faculty/students 2 days
  Full and part-time TMCC faculty and staff 7 days
  State of Nevada residents In-library use only

Reserve Material

Reserves are material that instructors have placed in the library for student use. They are usually related to a particular course. Reserves are for in-house use only and may not be removed from the library. Reserve material that is not returned or is returned damaged will result in a replacement fine being charged to the patron’s account.

Unreturned or damaged articles will result in a $3 fine.

Books, videos, and other material will result in a fee equivalent to the replacement cost of that item.


General library materials may be renewed once for a period of time equal to the original loan period, unless the material has been requested by another patron. Patrons may renew materials by phone by calling in with their TMCC ID bar code number.

Returning Material

  • All material must be returned to the branch from which it was originally borrowed. There is no guaranteed return of material to the original branch by the library.
  • Patrons with library materials that are seven days overdue will receive a letter requesting that the material be returned. Material that is not returned or is returned damaged will result in a replacement fine.
  • Replacement fines for lost or damaged items must be paid by bringing a copy of the fine letter to the cashier’s office in RDMT 318. The patron must bring a receipt showing payment in full back to the library in order for his or her account with the library to be cleared.

Cool Library Chairs

Cheating and Plagiarism


Please view the College Catalog, Rules and Disciplinary Procedures for Students, for plagiarism, compliance policies and consequences for failure to adhere to them.

Copyright Issues

Information for Optical Material on Reserve in Sturm Library


The optical equipment and books on reserve in the library belong to the Ophthalmic Program (OP) at the College of Southern Nevada (CSN). The OP uses classrooms at TMCC as well as library space for the reserve material.

Use of Materials

The optical equipment on reserve in the library is for the exclusive use of currently-enrolled CSN OP students and their instructors. These individuals must present a current and valid CSN ID in order to use the equipment. The equipment may not be used by any other persons. Furthermore, the library maintains a list of currently-enrolled students who are eligible to use the equipment. If a patron's name does not appear on this list, s/he will not be permitted to use the equipment. If the patron believes his or her name should be on the list, s/he should contact the Library Director who will investigate further.

The OP books may be used by anyone, as long as they have or obtain either a TMCC ID or Community Borrower Card. The books must be used in the library, following the library's reserve material policy.

Other Policies