Computer Lab Use Guidelines

Students in a Computer Lab

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The TMCC IT Department provides free computer labs to TMCC students, faculty and staff. There is no fee to use the labs, although users may be asked to verify TMCC enrollment or employment. The public may use TMCC's Elizabeth Sturm Library computer kiosks for academic research; however, the public is required to pay for the use of paper products or other resources.

Lab Assistants

Friendly and knowledgeable IT Lab Assistants are staffed in computer labs at Sierra 109 and Meadowood S124. They are available to assist with computer or printer problems and are available to help with various applications and software questions, how to access their email and help obtain material from the Internet for research.

Lab Assistants will enforce these guidelines in the labs at all times:

  • Maintain a friendly and quiet lab for students to do their work.
  • Absolutely no food or beverages are allowed in the labs.
  • Children are not to be left unattended in the labs.
  • Cell-phone use in the lab is prohibited. Emergency calls can be received, but the user must step outside of the Lab to continue the conversation.
  • Maintain a quiet work area: Loud boisterous behavior is not acceptable; the Lab is not a place to socialize, as it's distracting to others.
  • Viewing or printing pornographic material that can be viewed by others is not allowed in the Labs or Kiosks. During peak times, the Lab Assistants will monitor the game players and those participating in Internet chat. If students are waiting to use a computer for homework, they will have first preference. Students who are on the chat lines and playing games are welcome, but will be advised to come back when the labs are not busy.
  • Head count and surveys: In order to effectively use technology resources, occasional head counts or surveys may be taken by the lab monitor. Please provide them with your cooperation.
  • Closing time: The labs must close promptly at the scheduled time. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.
  • TMCC Computer Labs are educational computer facilities open to all students, faculty and staff at TMCC. If not enrolled or employed at TMCC or other NSHE institutions, then access is not allowed.

Computer Lab Software

U.S. Copyright Law and license agreements protect software available in the TMCC computer labs. Lab software is for use only on computers found in the lab. TMCC will monitor the usage to assure that it is used for a legitimate purpose as allowed by the U.S. Copyright Law. This monitoring will protect both TMCC and users of the software within the computer labs.