Financial Aid Verification

Person with verification seal

The verification process is required by the federal government and is intended to improve the accuracy of the information you provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Verification selection can be random or because your FAFSA data was incomplete, estimated or inconsistent. The U.S. Department of Education randomly selects students for the verification process; however, we may select students if we find conflicting information.

Documents: The initial documents that you must submit will include, but are not limited to: a paper verification worksheet (upon request) and a copy of your and/or your parent(s) signed IRS tax transcript or signed federal tax returns. Depending on what category of verification you have been selected for (V1, V4, V5), you may be asked to submit other documents such as: proof of high school diploma, HSE (formerly GED) or equivalent; or an unexpired government-issued ID. All items needed for your verification category will be posted on your To Do List at MyTMCC.

Completing the Verification Forms: Depending on the academic year for which you are applying, V1, V4, and V5 verification forms can be completed and submitted online. Please read all documents carefully. Each question on the forms must be answered, even if the answer is "0", and the forms must be signed in all the necessary areas.

Submission of Verification Documents: If you submit incomplete documentation to our office, you will be notified via your official TMCC email account and will have 30 days to complete your financial aid file. If files are not complete within 30 days, documents will become inactive. Your verification will not be reviewed or processed until we have received all of the required documentation needed for your file. During the year verification will be processed between 2-4 weeks with the exception of our peak period 4-6 weeks which are during the months of January and August. 

You may submit verification-related documents through the following ways: