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Dental Hygiene Program Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to Dental Hygiene program's most commonly asked questions.

FAQ Questions


No, there is currently no interview required to be accepted into the Program.

Yes. Dental Hygiene is a bachelor of science degree-seeking program.

To be admitted to TMCC as a degree-seeking student, students must be a graduate of a high school or its equivalent (certificate of attendance is not equivalent to high school graduation) or be a qualified international student.

Accepted students can apply for financial aid and scholarships in the TMCC Financial Aid Office. Additionally, there is information on many other scholarship opportunities that the program faculty distribute each year.

Applications are posted on our website in January each year, and are due within 5 weeks of the posting date. For assistance completing the application, you can attend the Dental Hygiene Application Workshop in January, after the application becomes available,

A minimum of 100 admission points are required to apply. Admissions points will vary each year for the pool of applicants. There can be an average range of 20-30 points between the highest and lowest accepted applicant.

Each year will vary in the number of applications received. It generally ranges between 20 and 40. Upon review of applicants for eligibility, approximately 60% will be eligible to advance to the selection committee.

Programs costs are subject to change, annually. The current two-year cost to the student is approximately $28,000. This includes most fees, textbooks, uniforms, and instruments. Miscellaneous costs cannot be estimated.

Note: The TMCC Dental Hygiene Program operates on a differential tuition model. Dental Hygiene students pay an additional $88.25 per dental hygiene credit. The approximate cost reflects this tuition model.

The selection committee completes their review of eligible applicants and selects the incoming class in May. The accepted student is notified via email and registered letter in early May.

Most questions for interested persons can be answered by reviewing the information throughout this website and/or meeting with an academic advisor

Additionally, information sessions are held during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Dates and locations are posted on our website.

You will need to have official transcripts from each college or university attended sent directly to Admissions and Records.

Complete a Credit Evaluation request in order to have your transcripts officially evaluated.

Then meet with an academic advisor to review your transfer coursework.

A student who has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor may apply to TMCC's Dental Hygiene Program, but the Nevada Dental Practice Act (NRS631.290) requires that candidates for licensure be of good moral character and be citizens of the U.S. or lawfully entitled to remain and work in the U.S.

Prospective students are advised that if they have a felony or misdemeanor convictions or have a history of substance abuse that this may preclude subsequent licensure as a dental hygienist in Nevada (NAC 631.050)

Yes, but you must be enrolled in the program core science course during the Spring Semester of the year applying, and complete the course with a GPA of 2.75 and grade of C or higher during that Spring Semester.

Any program core prerequisites that are not completed by the end of the Spring Semester of the applying year render the application ineligible.

You must also have a minimum of 80 Admission Points without the program core requirement course that you are enrolled in.

It is highly recommended that all general education and college requirements be completed prior to applying to TMCC's Dental Hygiene Program. Additionally, completion of general education and college requirements increases your Admission Points.

During the four semester Dental Hygiene program, students take 16-18 credits per semester. If any general education or college requirements need to be completed, it is recommended the courses are taken during the Summer or Winter Sessions prior to completion of the program. 

All general education and college requirements must be completed to graduate.

Admission Points are applied to specific categories for prospective Dental Hygiene Program candidates. The points are used to rank eligible applicants for admittance. Admission points and procedures are reviewed annually and are subject to change; prospective applicants are responsible for obtaining the most current information.

Please visit TMCC's Testing Services for complete information about Dental Hygiene's three-part pre-admission exam, including scoring, cost and how to register.

All Dental Hygiene Program classes and clinic sessions are located at TMCC's Dandini Campus. TMCC also has a fully-functioning Dental Clinic at the Dandini Campus.