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Dental Assisting Program

The Dental Assisting Program is a ten-month program, with entry online in the Fall Semester, and offers both a Certificate of Achievement and Associate Degree in Applied Science.  As a Dental Assisting Program graduate of TMCC, you will gain the skills necessary in all facets of infection control, chairside procedures, practice management, radiography and clinical science.

With a fully-equipped dental clinic, TMCC offers students practical experience through coursework and labs. The program is also available on a part-time basis, with students completing the program in two years.

We offer both a Certificate of Achievement and Associate Degree in Applied Science.

TMCC Dental Assisting ImageThe TMCC Dental Assisting Program provides instruction in all facets of:

  • Infection Control
  • Chairside Procedures
  • Practice Management
  • Radiography
  • Clinical Science

Upon completion of the program, students will be qualified to take the Dental Assisting National Board exam to become a Certified Dental Assistant.

Program Goals

  • To provide superior student-centered instruction and educational experiences that will prepare the student to safely and effectively perform dental chairside, laboratory, radiographic and infection control procedures, materials manipulation, practice management operations, deliver patient education, and develop the skills to apply all facets of didactic information learned in the program to the clinical aspect of dentistry.
  • To encourage the student to develop a commitment to self-evaluation, life-long learning, continued education and pride of profession, while preparing them to contribute to the oral health education and care of individuals from diverse educational socio-economic and/or cultural backgrounds.
  • To prepare students to take and pass the Certified Dental Assisting Board exam.
  • To prepare students who are capable and motivated to work, to be employable in the field.
    • Employers will express satisfaction with student skills and competency.
    • Students will express satisfaction with knowledge gained in the Dental Assisting Program.

Program Outcomes

These outcomes apply to students completing the Dental Assisting Certificate of Achievement and/or the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Dental Assisting.

  1. Students will perform basic chairside functions to facilitate completion of restorative and advanced operative procedures as allowed by the state dental act.
  2. Students will demonstrate knowledge of radiation safety and proficiency in exposing, processing, and mounting dental radiographs.
  3. Students will demonstrate knowledge of infection and hazard control in the lab/workplace.
  4. Students will perform basic office procedures necessary to assist in managing the dental practice.