Transferring into TMCC

Academic Advising provides transfer services that can help you if you are transferring into TMCC from another college or university, or if you are a current TMCC student who plans to transfer to a four-year college or university.

If you have attended another college or university and you are transferring into TMCC then you will need to complete our Steps to Enroll for Transfer Students.

Official Transcript Evaluation

Students walking.

The official transcript evaluation process will tell you how your coursework from previous colleges or universities will apply toward your degree or certificate at TMCC.

An official transcript evaluation may be completed for admitted students only. If you have not yet been admitted to TMCC, you will need to complete the TMCC Student Application for Admission and select a two-year degree or one-year certificate.

Then submit all official transcripts to the Admissions and Records office and submit a Credit Evaluation for Transfer Students for the transcripts you wish to be evaluated and so we know how many transcripts to expect.   

Once the coursework is officially evaluated, you will be notified through your TMCC student email to review the course history section in your MyTMCC Student Center. If a transfer course does not articulate as a specific TMCC course, you may request a course substitution.

Unofficial Transcript Evaluation

While you are waiting for the official evaluation of your transcripts, you can go through the unofficial transcript evaluation process. You have access to the Evaluate My Transfer Credits tool within your MyTMCC Student Center. This will tell you unofficially how your courses may count here at TMCC.

Once you have completed the Evaluate My Transfer Credit process you can schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor to discuss the report by contacting us.

You will need to bring the Evaluate My Transfer Credit report and an unofficial copy of previous college or university transcripts with you to the appointment for review by the Academic Advisor. This is an unofficial transcript evaluation to get you started until the official evaluation has been completed.

Course Substitutions

You will need to schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor to request a course substitution. The Academic Advisor will review your request and submit the course substitution form for you. If you are requesting a substitution for a general education requirement, you will need to provide a course syllabus from your previous school. The course substitution request is reviewed by the appropriate faculty member, Department Chair or Dean.