Employee Mobile Device Usage

See Also: Policy 4820 - Mobile Telecommunication Devices

People Using Smart Devices


This procedure applies to mobile devices whose primary purpose is for telecommunication, such as cellular phones or smartphones. An employee is eligible for a stipend or a College-designated mobile telecom device if all of the following criteria are met:

  1. The duties of the position require that the employee works time outside of their assigned office or work area, and there is an essential need to be immediately accessible and/or require access to online resources (e.g., email, calendar, web, etc.).
  2. The duties of the position require that the employee has the ability and access to support critical College operations remotely and/or outside of normal business hours.
  3. The duties of the position require that access to email and online resources outside of the office and/or beyond normal scheduled working hours.

Public Records

TMCC-owned mobile device records are likely public records and subject to disclosure (with limited exceptions).

Personal mobile device records are less likely to be construed as public records under Nevada law, but you should be aware that this issue has not been resolved as to the extent to which such records may be subject to disclosure under Nevada law.

Personal Mobile Devices

Request Form

  • Eligible employees requesting a stipend for business-related costs incurred for their personal mobile device must contact Human Resources.
  • Human Resources will obtain the appropriate signature approvals.

Stipend Amount

The amount of stipend represents a sharing of the cost of a typical contract necessary to meet business-related needs for either voice services and/or data services.

Usage Level Monthly Stipend Amount
Low Usage
A low usage level is based on the expectation that approximately less then 25% of the monthly minutes and data used are work related.
Average Usage
An average usage level is based on the expectation that approximately 25% or more of the monthly minutes and data used are work related.
High Usage
A high usage level is based on the expectation that 50% or more of the monthly minutes and data usage are work related.


A yearly review of the need for mobile device stipends will be conducted by Human Resources. The stipend will continue unless Human Resources is notified in writing either by the employee or the supervisor that the allowance is to cease.

TMCC Technical Support

All support for mobile devices is provided by the cellular service company chosen by the employee. TMCC cannot offer any support for individually-owned mobile devices.

However, TMCC will provide support for TMCC-provided software that is used on those devices, to synchronize them with TMCC email accounts, calendars or other TMCC systems and services, if available for the particular device and if reasonable security protocols can be established. Contact IT Customer Service for more information on linking your personal mobile device to TMCC systems and services.

Other Considerations

As a condition of receiving the stipend, the employee understands and agrees that employee may be contacted through his or her personal cell phone number for work-related matters as reasonably necessary during regular or after business hours. Special rules may apply to contacting hourly employees for substantive work issues after hours.

  • Election to receive a mobile device stipend and providing your personal cell phone number does not automatically place a classified employee on standby status. Classified employees are only in a standby status when it has been officially designated by their supervisor for a specified time period, at which time the requirements of NAC 284.218 go into effect.
  • Personal devices should include necessary security features, including but not limited to password protection and backup systems for information related to College activities.
  • If your mobile device is lost or stolen, you must report it to TMCC's Information Technology Office and to your appropriate College department to ensure appropriate steps are taken to restrict access to any College information within the device (e.g. change of access password to email, contacts or calendar, etc.).

TMCC-owned Mobile Devices

TMCC-owned mobile devices are prohibited for personal use and are managed through TMCC's Information Technology Office; contact Information Technology for further details or questions.

Note that the employee's direct supervisor is required to review the monthly activities for each device. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action.