Employee Mobile Device Usage

See Also: Policy 4820 - Mobile Telecommunication Devices

People Using Smart Devices


This procedure applies to mobile devices whose primary purpose is for telecommunication, such as cellular phones or smartphones. An employee is eligible for a stipend or a College-designated mobile telecom device if all of the following criteria are met:

  1. The duties of the position require that the employee works time outside of their assigned office or work area, and there is an essential need to be immediately accessible and/or require access to online resources (e.g., email, calendar, web, etc.).
  2. The duties of the position require that the employee has the ability and access to support critical College operations remotely and/or outside of normal business hours.
  3. The duties of the position require that access to email and online resources outside of the office and/or beyond normal scheduled working hours.

Public Records

TMCC-owned mobile device records are likely public records and subject to disclosure (with limited exceptions).

Personal mobile device records are less likely to be construed as public records under Nevada law, but you should be aware that this issue has not been resolved as to the extent to which such records may be subject to disclosure under Nevada law.

Personal Mobile Devices

Request Process

  • Managers of eligible employees may request a stipend for business-related costs incurred for a personal mobile device must contact Human Resources and provide written justification for the usage level (see below).
  • Human Resources will review with the appropriate Vice President to determine approval.