Request for LOB Approval for Part-time Faculty

Please read this information carefully before completing the form below.

Not complying with the following guidelines can result in fines to both the institution as well as the individual departments, in addition to the cost of the benefits.

Prior to the Start of Employment/Contract

Public Employee Benefits Program (PEBP) must be notified of employees who are eligible for health insurance prior to the start of employment (per Federal ACA guidelines).

Note that FTE for benefits eligibility is calculated from work at all NSHE institutions combined. You must ask employees to check this box on their contract and determine what their total FTE is.

  • For employees working 50% FTE or more: requests for LOB approval are required to be submitted to the TMCC Human Resources Office prior to the start date of a contract.
  • For instructors teaching over 75% FTE: part-time instructor teaching over 75% FTE requires approval from the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs in the Chancellor's Office by completing the Request for Exception to Limitation to 75 Percent of FTE per Semester form prior to the start of employment (per Board of Regents Code).
  • For non-teaching contracts over 50% FTE: prior approval required from TMCC's Personnel Execitve Committee (PEC).

Employee Health Plan Coverage

Elect or Decline Coverage

  • Once the TMCC Human Resources Office receives the Request for LOB Approval, we will email both the employee and the department at their official TMCC email address that PEBP has been notified they are eligible for health insurance.
  • Within 15 days of eligibility, the employee must elect or decline coverage or default to an Employee Only health plan.
    • Employees who plan to decline coverage are encouraged to come to the TMCC Human Resources Office as soon as possible to complete a paper form for PEBP. (While PEBP prefers that employees elect coverage through the participant portal, coverage can be elected by completing a form in Human Resources.)

Benefits Waiting Period

There is no waiting period for benefits. Employees are eligible to receive health insurance on the next first of the month after they start working.


If these forms are not completed on time and/or notification is sent to PEBP late, the institution will be charged for benefits from the time of eligibility, even if the employee declines. No refunds are granted.

End of LOB Contract

As soon as a department becomes aware that an employee on LOB will no longer be working at 50% FTE or more, notification is required to be made to TMCC's Human Resources Office. Failure to do so will result in the institution continuing to be charged. No refunds are granted.

Request for LOB Approval Form

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