Services We Provide

The Facilities Operations and Capital Planning Department is responsible for the planning, construction, renovation, maintenance, repair and operation of buildings, facilities, utility systems, and grounds for all Truckee Meadows Community College sites. The department is also responsible for the capital improvement programs.

Some College auxiliary enterprises and other components maintain separate arrangements for some or all of their maintenance and repair; however, the Facilities Operations and Capital Planning Department is responsible for assurance that all maintenance, repair, construction, renovation or alteration to College facilities and installed equipment and systems is in accordance with all applicable codes, ordinances and statutes.

All work shall be compatible with College systems and conform to College standards and policies. All outside work needs to be approved by the director of Facilities Operations and Capital Planning or designee.

Regardless of the source of funds or methods used to accomplish such work, the Facilities Operations and Capital Planning Department staff shall be consulted to review or develop plans and specifications and provide field supervision. This will be accomplished by departmental staff or by contracts with outside consultants.

Connections to Utility Systems

All connections to College utility systems, both inside and outside of buildings, must be done by the Facilities Operations and Capital Planning Office or contractors working under their direction. Because of the safety hazards involved and possible damage to systems, this policy applies to all electric, heating, air conditioning, vacuum, air, water, sewer, gas, control and communication systems.

Construction and Remodeling

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

TMCC and NV Energy have teamed up to provide the College with two Verdek Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. They are located on the south side of the Vista Building on the Dandini Campus.

You must register on the Charge Point website and receive a free Charge Point card in order to use the units.

Emergency Work

Emergency work may be requested by contacting Facilities Operations and Capital Planning. After hours emergencies should be reported to the maintenance emergency number.

Environmental Health and Safety

Events and Set-ups

Events and set ups may be requested through a work order request.

Facilities Planning and Space Management Policy

Furniture Reconfigurations

Small office reconfigurations may be requested through a work order request.


Maintenance and Repair Work Orders

Maintenance and repair work should be requested on a work request form on our work order system.


Moves must be approved in writing by the designated cabinet member. A written request should come from the cabinet member to the applications development director. Once approved, moves will then be coordinated by facilities staff, applications development and information technology services.

Recycling Program

Renewable Energy Monitoring

Requests for New Furniture, Finishes and Signs

All requests for new furniture, finishes or signs should be requested through a work order request. Facilities Operations and Capital Planning will retain quotes for the request in accordance with College standards. Once retained, written approval must be received from the designated dean/director of the department. Funding shall come from the requesting department.

Risk Management

Work by College Forces or Outside Contractors

The Facilities Operations and Capital Planning Office employs people in most crafts necessary for facilities maintenance, repair, construction and service. These employees can respond to the urgent and specialized needs of the College to provide the continuity of service for the maintenance and repair programs.

The use of College personnel may be approved for some small projects if crafts are available. However, the scope, costs, nature of the work or urgency may make it advantageous to have the work performed by outside contractors. The Facilities Operations and Capital Planning Office determines the best way to complete specific projects.