Project Request Procedures


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The purpose of this procedure is to establish a comprehensive and consistent process in which TMCC departments and personnel may propose facility remodel, renewal, renovation and/or new construction projects. Examples include, but are not limited to, work involving: plumbing, electrical, mechanical and life safety systems; walls, ceilings and flooring; doors, cabinetry, windows, window coverings and accessibility improvements.

Groups Affected

  • All TMCC departments and personnel
  • Facilities Operations and Capital Planning


Any TMCC department or personnel desiring to construct or change building elements, interior space(s), or grounds are required to comply with the requirements of this procedure. This procedure was developed to ensure:

  • Comprehensive process for facilities development to meet the needs of the College
  • Compliance with the College master plan
  • Compliance with building codes, laws and regulations
  • A safe environment for faculty, staff, students and the community
  • Jurisdictional agency reviews and issuance of building permits when required
  • Quality and maintainability of all modifications to College buildings and grounds
  • Identification of the full expense and complete funding for projects


A project requestor initiates the project request process by taking the following steps, in order:

Step 1
Complete the Facilities Project Request form, attach supporting documentation, and sign the form.

Step 2
Requestor must obtain approval signature from their dean, director or manager. If the requestor is a dean, director or manager, skip this instruction and proceed directly to Step 3.