Electrical Lockout Procedures

Goal: To de-energize and lockout electrical panels and electrical devices whenever possible, prior to maintenance and servicing. These procedures are to be implemented to avoid accidents and ensure employee safety.

Lockout System: Our lockout system consists of one key to one pad lock on the breakers and electrical panel hasps and electrical devices wherever possible. If a device requires a lockout/tag out and it cannot accommodate a Lockout system, contact your supervisor for further assistance and direction. All pad locks will only have one key. Multiple devices will be accessible if needed. Maintenance personal will perform the actual work, that person will be the only one with the key to the lock. A labeled tag will be placed on each lock.

Lockout Program:

Person fixing electricals

  1. Access what energy source needs to be de-energized and locked out.
  2. Determine if locks can be applied to electrical breakers, panels and equipment.
  3. Formulate a sequence of work schedules to ensure the maximum safety of the employees.
  4. Advise staff as to who will apply the locks, tags and the location.
  5. If multiple persons are assigned to one job site, specify which person will be applying their own Lock/Tag out. At least one number will apply to the Lock/Tag out at all Lockout points.
  6. Release all energy stored in any electrical devices being worked on, before any work is started.
  7. All employees will adhere to the above procedures while performing any maintenance on any electrical devices, this is for their own safety and the safety of other employees and staff.
  8. Before removing locks/tags out and energizing any electrical system follow the safety check list below:
    • Replace all safety guards.
    • All tools and equipment are returned and stored properly after the work has been completed.
    • Position all workers in a safe area once the area has been cleared for start up.
    • Do a last check to assure that all controls are positioned correctly for a safe start up.
  9. Remember only the person who applied the lock/tag out may remove the lock/tag. If there is a multiple lockout point, the Team Leader or Supervisor should remove the locks/tags, last.