Sustainability Pledge

Sustainability Kéya Pledge

Earth needs us to work together now, to solve the climate and biodiversity crises. TMCC faculty and staff can help our planet by volunteering, making a pledge, and so much more.

Join the TMCC Sustainability Champions Committee as we move forward with efforts to instill a sustainable campus/planet! 

TMCC faculty and staff are invited to adopt at least 20 of the sustainability tasks listed below and submit our pledge form to show your commitment! You will receive a sustainability image to show your support, which can be displayed in your office, on your syllabus, or on your electronic communications! Also, the first 150 pledgers between January–December 2024 will receive a reusable water bottle! 

Sustainability Pledge Checklist

By submitting this form, I verify that I have completed, or pledge to complete, at least 20 items from the list below. If you have other sustainable practices, let us know about them!


  • I turn the lights off when I leave my office
  • I turn the lights off in empty community spaces
  • I use a personal lamp instead of overhead lights
  • I use natural light instead of overhead or personal lights
  • My computer/laptop display is set to turn off after 10 minutes or less of inactivity
  • I reduce the brightness on my computer screens to a more energy-efficient setting
  • I set personal space heaters/air conditioners to the most efficient setting
  • I have at least one meat or dairy-free lunch per week


  • I recycle paper, plastic, and glass products
  • I recycle toner and ink cartridges
  • I recycle markers
  • I recycle batteries
  • I organize one large trash can in my office suite area, thus reducing use of plastic liners by institution
  • I recycle e-waste, including chargers, computers, and electronic components
  • I avoid printing as much as possible, and make documents, quizzes, etc. available online (via Canvas or other resources)
  • I print double-sided, when possible
  • I reuse scrap paper
  • I save and file documents electronically, when possible, instead of printing
  • I take notes electronically, when possible
  • When I give presentations, I avoid distributing printed handouts
  • I cancel printed subscriptions that I do not need
  • I reuse office supplies, when possible
  • I use reusable water bottles and coffee/tea carriers
  • I use reusable utensils instead of disposable ones
  • I use reusable food containers instead of disposable ones
  • I do not use disposable coffee pods
  • I do not use plastic straws
  • I do not purchase single-use office promotional items
  • I organize and/or compost organic food waste in my office-suite kitchen area


  • Instead of driving, I walk, bike, carpool, telecommute, or use public transportation at least twice a month
  • I carpool to conferences, work trips, etc., when possible
  • I avoid traveling by plane to conferences, work trips, etc., when possible


  • I will advertise TMCC environmental sustainability efforts and achievements on social media
  • I am a Sustainability Champions Committee member, or, advocate for sustainability efforts that this group leads within my other committee memberships
  • I am involved with the TMCC Gardening Club
  • I am involved in the Bee Campus USA program efforts
  • I use the Pollinator Garden (Countess Dandini Garden) for meetings, class, breaks/wellness
  • I use the Par Course for meetings, class, breaks/wellness
  • I will encourage colleagues to complete the TMCC Sustainability Pledge

Pledge Form

Note: This pledge form is for TMCC faculty and staff only. 

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