Committees and Initiatives

Student Equity

A general definition of Student Equity is parity in the achievement and success of all student populations. Equity also includes open access to college courses and programs for all members of our service area. The idea is that the student population of a college should be representative of the population of its service area and that success for the various groups of that student population should be equitable. We may think of age, gender, ethnicity, national origin, language experience, disability status, military service, socio-economic status, sexual orientation and gender identity, or other relevant identities as we examine issues of equity at our college. Where there are discrepancies in outcomes among identifiable groups, the institution has the obligation to seek remedies for those discrepancies.

Faculty Recruitment and Retention

TMCC's Faculty Recruitment and Retention Plan, developed by a task force comprised of faculty and administrators, was a response to the Board of Regents' call to develop a faculty recruitment and retention plan which specifically addressed the lack of diversity in the recruitment and retention of full-time, tenure-track faculty. In summary, there are two main goals of the Faculty Recruitment and Retention plan are:

  1. To attract full-time tenure-track faculty reflective of the available qualified labor pool when tenure-track positions are available;
  2. To develop successful strategies to retain full-time tenure track faculty.


Diversity in the curriculum enhances critical thinking by raising new issues and perspectives, by broadening the variety of experiences shared by confronting stereotypes on social, religious, economic, and political issues, on issues of gender, sexual orientation, and race/ethnicity, on substantive issues, on personal experiences and exposes students to different perspectives by allowing a broader variety of experiences to share, and by raising new issues and perspectives specific to an array of courses. Research shows that student and faculty benefit from developing a diverse curriculum.

Student Cultural Diversity Center

The Cultural Diversity Center strives to enhance the college experience for students of diverse backgrounds by providing programs, activities, and services that support the academic and social success for all students at TMCC.