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DRC Testing and Quiet Room Accommodations


  1. Students who have completed the DRC intake process and have been approved for extended test/quiz time and a quiet room to take tests, must deliver accommodation letters to their instructor(s).
  2. Once the instructor(s) has received the accommodation letter, the student is ready to schedule their tests for the semester.
  3. Students should consult their course syllabi for test dates, including quizzes, chapter tests, midterms and finals.
  4. Tests should be taken at the same time as the class meeting.
  5. Students are required to schedule their tests for the entire semester.

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Testing Location

All accommodated testing takes place in TMCC's Testing Services. Testing Services is a reduced distraction environment and ear plugs are available.

In situations where TMCC's Testing Services is closed at the time of class, or the class is not held at the Dandini Campus, the instructor provides accommodation in the classroom.

Testing Check-in

Test check-in is at the Welcome Center (located on the first floor of the Red Mountain Building).

To insure proper check-in, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled test start time.

Lockers are provided to store all your belongings that are not allowed in the testing environment.

Instructors Must Complete the Test Proctoring Request

Instructors are required to complete the Test Proctoring Request form, and deliver all tests. The Test Proctoring Request form provides Testing Services with all information regarding resources permitted (e.g., calculator, notes, books, etc.).

The Test Proctoring Request form can also indicate restrictions (e.g., "no notes", "no book", "no calculator", etc.).

For additional information and directions about this process, please contact us.