DRC Memory Aids Policy

Person taking notes

Although it is not a typically approved accommodation, registered DRC students who have clearly documented and significant memory deficit areas may be approved for a memory aid, such as a formula card or fact sheet, to use during exams in individually assigned cases. This accommodation must be requested several weeks before exams on the Accommodation Request form to allow time for the instructor's evaluation. If the instructor approves the accommodation, the student is responsible for presenting the prepared formula card or fact sheet to the instructor for their endorsement at least one week prior to each exam. The instructor will attach it to the exam before it is delivered to the DRC. The card/sheet will be stapled to the completed exam by the test proctor and returned to the faculty member.

The Disability Resource Center is not responsible for establishing whether this accommodation is appropriate for course exams. That determination is left to the discretion of the individual faculty member and their department chair. If they conclude that the ability to memorize and recall course material are essential, fundamental course objectives, and that each exam is the instrument used to measure these objectives, they may disallow any accommodation to aid students with memory deficits, such as the use of a fact sheet, formula card, open book, open notes or take-home exams.

If a student believes they are being discriminated against based on their disability, they may appeal the denial of an accommodation as explained in the Accommodation Appeal and Grievance Process.