TMCC Exam Proctoring Request

TMCC Testing Services adheres to the NCTA proctor guidelines for protecting testing integrity.

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Exam Type Definitions

Make-Up Exams are for students who are not able to make it to class on test day and you would like to make an exception. These tests can be paper or online. This request is processed by Testing Services.

Online/Hybrid Exams are for classes that meet online or meet only occasionally in person. Class exams are administered either online through Canvas requiring a proctor password or are paper exams and require a proctor to be present to administer the exam. If the exam is administered on paper, instructors are responsible for printing the exam for the entire class and bringing it to Testing Services in RDMT 124.

DRC Exams are for students that need accommodations. This request form goes to our Disability Resource Center queue to be processed to meet the accommodations. All testing for DRC is done in RDMT 124.

Note: Non-TMCC Exams are for testers that need specialized exams proctored and are not associated with TMCC. Proctoring fees are $30.00 per hour.

Proctoring Request Form

To begin the process, please submit the Proctoring Request Form below.

Proctoring Request