Deaf and Hard of Hearing Policies

Deaf/HOH services provides eligible students who need alternative or additional support with “real-time” communication access and notes, including but not limited to Assistive Listening Devices, CART, TypeWell and Interpreters.

It is essential that students 1) meet with a DRC Specialist and 2) complete the online Deaf/HOH Services Request form well in advance of the first day of classes to ensure timely and appropriate placement of services.


TMCC Student and Faculty in Classroom

Prior to the Start of the Semester

Students must request Deaf/HOH service accommodations prior to the start of each semester. We encourage students to request this accommodation before the end of the current semester, even if they are unsure about their schedules for the next semester.

Beginning of the Semester

Students receiving Deaf/HOH services must pick up and deliver their instructor letters generated at the DRC at the beginning of each semester. The letters notify the student’s instructors of the Deaf/HOH service placement in the classroom for the duration of the semester.

Two Weeks Before or After the Start of the Semester

If a student changes their schedule two weeks before school begins or after the start of the semester, the student must notify the Disability Resource Center (DRC) immediately to ensure continuity with Deaf/HOH service accommodations.

After the Start of the Semester

Any Deaf/HOH service requests submitted after the start of the semester may limit Deaf/HOH services placement options.

Absences and Class Cancelations


When a student receives Deaf/HOH services, the DRC expects the student to attend all classes throughout the semester.

If students receive information about class cancelations, test days or other issues related to attendance and for which they do not require Deaf/HOH services, they need to notify the Deaf/HOH service provider immediately.

24 Hours Notice

Students are expected to give the service provider and DRC at least 24 hours notice if they must miss a class.

No Shows

It is understandable that, in some situations, the student may not be able to provide 24 hours notice; however, failure to provide any notice is considered a "no show". Three "no shows" can result in a temporary suspension of services until the student meets with the appropriate DRC staff person.

Late to Class

If a student is late to class, the Deaf/HOH service provider will not begin services until the student arrives. The provider will wait 20 minutes for the student before leaving. Students who arrive after 20 minutes will not receive Deaf/HOH accommodations for that class period.


When an assigned Deaf/HOH service provider is unable to provide services for a class, the DRC will do its best to find a substitute. There may be instances, however, when the DRC will not be able to locate a substitute.

Classroom Procedures

Student Responsibilities

Students may not distribute transcribed notes to other students under any circumstances.

Transcription notes are transcripts of the professor’s lecture and are therefore considered intellectual property.

Transcribers (CART, TypeWell) transcribe, to the best of their ability, all spoken utterances in the classroom, including lecture and asides. The student is responsible for all information on the overhead, board, and/or handouts. This includes the spelling of vocabulary words.

Student Conduct

The transcriber or interpreter is trained to provide communication access in the classroom; therefore, the transcriber or interpreter is not qualified to answer questions over the course material.

If a student has questions about the material or the course, they need to ask the professor directly, not the transcriber or interpreter. Additionally, students must refrain from speaking with the transcriber or interpreter during class, unless they want the transcriber or interpreter to voice for them, as this may affect the quality of the transcript.

Students are expected to tell the transcriber or interpreter if they prefer to communicate with the instructor and other students by having the transcriber or interpreter voice for them, or if they wish to voice for themselves.

We expect students who receive Deaf/HOH service accommodations to pay full attention during class. Please do not study, email or engage in other such activities when receiving Deaf/HOH accommodations. Such behavior will be reported and could result in a temporary suspension in services until the student meets with the appropriate staff person.


Transcribers will email notes to the student within 24 hours. It is therefore crucial that we have your updated email address. If you have an interpreter, a note taker in the class will provide notes to you.


If you have concerns about the quality of the transcriptions, notes or any other matters concerning Deaf/HOH services, please contact us during regular business hours.

Please note: while all student preferences are considered, the DRC may obtain its own professional determination of whether specific requested Deaf/HOH services are necessary.

Deaf/HOH Service Request

Please allow one week's notice (5 working days) so we are able to process your request.

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