Accommodation Appeals

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Accommodations are initially determined and approved by a TMCC Disability Resource Center (DRC) specialist, based on the documentation provided by the student.

A student registered with the DRC who disagrees with approved accommodations may appeal the decision. A student can file a discrimination complaint at any time.

Appeal Process

Step One: Meet with the Director of Retention & Support Services.

  • Contact the Director.
  • If the student is not satisfied with the resolution of Step One, the student may then move to Step Two.

Step Two: File a written appeal to the DRC Appeals Committee.

  • Complete and submit the DRC Appeal form.
  • The DRC Appeals Committee will render a written resolution within 21 working days of the filling of the written appeal.

DRC Appeals Committee membership includes:

  • DRC Professional staff member
  • Administrative faculty member
  • Academic faculty member
  • Additional member
  • TMCC student

If the student is still not in agreement with the resolution from the DRC Appeals Committee, the student may move to Step Three.

Step Three: Appeal the decision to the Human Resources Office.