Internship Teamwork Coordination

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Faculty Sponsor Role

Faculty Benefits of an Internship Opportunity

Internships provide a wider range of learning experiences and outcomes for students and at the same time, enhances TMCC’s academic curriculum. Also, the opportunity deepens employer-based relationships within the community. Internship opportunities increase job placement rate of graduates and strengthens marketing partnerships with business and industry. They also develop subject matter experts (SME) for advisory boards. The faculty sponsor plays a crucial role in the success of a student’s learning experience by closely mentoring the student and encouraging the satisfaction of learning objectives and outcomes.

Faculty Sponsor Involvement

  • Agree to be faculty sponsor of record for an internship.
  • Visit employer partner during the semester.
  • Inquire about any safety concerns or issues related to a particular internship site prior to making the commitment.
  • Develop learning objectives and outcomes in cooperation with employer partner and student intern.
  • Notify student of confirmed internship and grant permission to enroll.
  • Communicate with employer partner regarding student intern’s progress.
  • Work with employer partner, student intern and internship coordinator regarding any issues or concerns.
  • Submit final grade.

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Student Role

An internship program offer student’s an opportunity to enhance classroom and lab learning with "real world" work experience. Each student is required to manage their own internship search process with assistance from the Internship Coordinator. They are held accountable for documents to be completed on a timely basis. An internship opportunity cannot progress until the program has been confirmed by the internship coordinator and approved by the faculty sponsor. Registration for credit hours will not be allowed until an employer partner has been located and approved for the program.

Student Intern Involvement

  • Review Internship Program Opportunity.
  • Contact the TMCC Internship Coordinator in the Career Hub.
  • Complete internship application and receive approval/acceptance in the Internship program.
  • Schedule an appointment with the Career Hub to develop a resume and interviewing skills as well as discuss potential employers.
  • Participate in securing an employer partner for the internship with assistance from the internship coordinator and faculty sponsor.
  • Develop learning objectives and outcomes with faculty sponsor and employer partner.
  • Successfully complete work hours as scheduled.
  • Successfully complete learning objectives and outcomes designed in cooperation with faculty sponsor.

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Employer Partner Role

Employer Benefits of an Internship Opportunity

Internships allow employers the opportunity to utilize well-prepared students as prospective employees while reducing and/or eliminating recruiting and training costs. Each opportunity provides “real-world” work experiences for students who are serious about learning and working with accumulated knowledge and classroom exposure. If successful, this also provides an opportunity for the employer to hire the student upon graduation. Strategically, internships enhance partnerships between employers and Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) and prospective employers, which in turn, provide input on the quality and relevance of TMCC’s curriculum, augmenting TMCC’s ability to provide the necessary skilled workforce for Nevada’s employers.

Employer Partner Involvement

  • Understand the Department of Labor’s six-part test, in an unpaid internship program.
  • Agree to mentor and supervise a student intern.
  • Develop student learning objectives and outcomes with faculty sponsor.
  • Establish work hours.
  • Coach student intern to successful completion of learning outcomes.
  • Maintain/approve attendance record of the intern hours.
  • Continually reviews of progress in internship.
  • Communicate with faculty sponsor and internship coordinator as needed.
  • Complete and review internship learning objectives and outcomes with student.
  • Forward learning objectives and outcomes to faculty sponsor once completed.
  • Complete employer evaluation and review with student.

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TMCC Internship Coordinator Role

The internship coordinator is the facilitator of the internship program opportunity. The internship coordinator works in partnership with the student intern, faculty sponsor and employer partner to support the internship process. The internship coordinator will provide a centralized location for internship information and coordination.

Internship Coordinator Involvement

  • Promote internship opportunities to business community.
  • Conduct Internship Orientation for students each semester.
  • Answer questions regarding the internship program opportunity.
  • Assist student in finding internship resources.
  • Recruit students for internship program opportunity.
  • Provide Internship forms and update website.
  • Verify student eligibility to participate in internship opportunity with Academic Advisement and faculty sponsor.
  • Communicate with academic department about internship opportunities.
  • Manage paperwork and insurance certifications.
  • Maintain internship program opportunity database.
  • Organize campus focus group to enhance internship opportunities.

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