Employer's Guide to Developing Internships at TMCC

  • Internship Program Design
    • What is an Internship?
    • Benefits of an Internship Program
    • Developing an Internship Program
    • Defining Program Goals
    • Create the Plan
    • Planning Questions
  • Recruiting an Intern
    • Create a Detailed Job Description
    • Notify Student of Internship Opportunity
    • Resume Collection/Interview/Final Decision Process
  • Leading an Intern
    • Orientation Program
    • Be Accessible for your Intern
    • Periodic Evaluations
    • TMCC's Internship Course Curriculum
  • Take the Next Step with TMCC

Internship Program Design

What is an Internship?
Internships are courses which integrate classroom study with relevant hands-on experience by allowing the student to use their education and training in an actual "real world" work environment to gain industry experience. Theory and practice are blended by training in career-related areas of professional interest. This method of instruction serves as a testing ground to make a student’s educational program more relevant and meaningful while permitting employers to identify and select well-trained personnel.

Benefits of an Internship Program
Internships narrow career choices and focus on career goals, allowing students to inquire and learn more about a profession and, at the same time, gain insight about a specific industry or career field. Internships apply what a student learns in the classroom and transfers up to date knowledge and trends to the workplace, encompassing a progressive partnership for the community. Internships build a professional network, offer a student the opportunity to "get their foot in the door" of a particular industry or company; and the student meets people in the industry and gains professional contacts. While employment is not guaranteed, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 70% of employers say they would hire their student interns for full-time positions after graduation before looking elsewhere.