Career Exploration: Plan and Act


Plan and Act...Know the Education Plan

Use the various documents to guide you to graduation and take the steps toward completing the courses.

Goal-setting process

Write down your goals. Consider your work or family commitments when planning your schedule: how many courses you can handle in a semester? Will you attend summer school or not? When you might need tutoring or blocking out time in your calendar to study. Know the dates for dropping or adding a course, etc.

Pre-requisite awareness

Be sure to check all of your courses to determine if there is any prerequisite required. You can find this information in the College Catalog.

Sequence courses over several semesters

A helpful way of planning is to use your degree documents and make a pencil draft on paper of which courses you need/want to take each semester, and possibly through to expected graduation. This will allow you to re-arrange the courses based on prerequisites and availability.

Once this is completed, you can access My Planner in MyTMCC to select the various courses (up to a year in advance) and keep in your shopping cart until you need to enroll in a particular semester. Academic Advising can assist you in this process.