Networking (In Person and Online)

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Many people have said that it’s all about who you know. Connecting with professionals and building professional relationships are vital when it comes to a successful job search. Networking can help you determine whether a specific field is right for you, choose an academic discipline that fits well, learn about growing trends, challenges and opportunities, and help you focus on your career goals. By connecting with people, you get information, advice and referrals. The more people you know, the more likely you are to have a foot in the door.

70% of all jobs are found through networking.

The Career Hub plans a variety of events through the school year that provide great networking opportunities. Events such as Career Panels, Job Fairs, and Networking Breakfasts allow you to connect with potential employers and start building professional relationships while you are still in school. We encourage students to look for opportunities to job shadow, ask for informational interviews, attend networking mixers and connect with people on LinkedIn.

If you are new to networking or are unsure of how to do it effectively the Career Hub has a few workshops to get you started. Contact us to set up an appointment and learn how to network your way to success.


Networking with professionals is not restricted to events. A great tool to utilize when job searching is LinkedIn. You can connect with professionals in any industry from all over the world and it provides you with an additional platform to market your skills and experiences to get noticed by recruiters. 93% of recruiters are currently using LinkedIn to find qualified employees and connecting with people through LinkedIn will help you build better face-to-face relationships. If you are interested in learning more or have a LinkedIn but are unsure how to update it to attract the right people, the Career Hub can help you.

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