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Career Exploration: Decide


Decide...Know the Degree and Major

Determine pros/cons of each career or occupation(s) and choose among alternatives. Narrow choices and elect a related major.

What can I do with a major in...?

Below are links to sample websites that connect dozens of majors with career areas that follow along with typical employers and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities.

TMCC Catalog of Degree and Program Worksheets

TMCC offers the following degrees and certificates:

  • Associate of Arts (AA)
  • Associate of Science (AS)
  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
  • Associate of General Studies (AGS)
  • Certificate of Achievement (CT)

See Also: General Education Information

Decision-making process*

Decision-making refers to the thought process that is involved while choosing the most logical choice from among the options available. It is helpful to meet with a counselor to review your questions.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. What's my present situation?
  2. How would I like my situation to be?
  3. Do I have a choice here?
  4. What are the possible choices?
  5. What's the possible outcome of each possible choice?
  6. Which choices will I commit to doing?

*Credited to authors Glasser and Downing

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