ABE Handbook Section 7: Policies and Statements

Americans with Disability Act (ADA)

Qualified, self-identified students with documented disabilities have the right to free accommodations to ensure equal access to educational opportunities at TMCC. For assistance, contact TMCC's Disability Resource Center.


Students are required to attend a minimum of 85% of the total hours offered in a session. Hours vary from session to session. Students who miss more than the allowable absences in any one class will be expected to discuss their attendance with the program coordinator by phone, email, or in-person. The program coordinator may excuse absences related to issues with childcare, health, legal, and work. While the program coordinator, or a designee, is the only person who may excuse absences, students are expected to inform their instructor of all absences. Instructors will follow up with any student that is absent for two class periods.

Corrective Action Plan

Students that are out of compliance with the attendance policy will receive a text or email message alerting them of their status. Students must make contact with the program coordinator within five business days. The program coordinator will assist students with problem-solving their attendance issues. During the discussion, the student and program coordinator will come up with a plan to make up missed hours. The student is responsible for making up all missed instruction. If a student does not contact the program coordinator, the student will be dropped from the instructor's roster.

Students with frequent unexcused absences will be considered non-compliant. Students who are non-compliant for two consecutive terms will be issued a warning notice by the program coordinator. Students that are non-compliant for three consecutive sessions will be issued an exit letter. Students will be dismissed from the program for six months (two sessions). Upon return, the student will be expected to make an appointment with the program coordinator to complete an attendance action plan. The action plan will address their strategy to ensure regular and consistent attendance. Students that are non-compliant in the first session after returning will be ineligible to receive further program services. Students will be referred to other agencies that align with the student's scheduling needs.