Travel Procedures

An overview of the key steps in the spend authorization and expense report processes are summarized below, with each step linked to detailed explanations of required procedures. Each traveler is accountable for understanding and following these procedures.


Travel Process Steps

Step 1. Submit a Spend Authorization in Workday

More information is available in Workday:

  • Sign in to Workday
  • Go to the NSHE Workday Training module/worklet​ (the blue circle with the question mark)​
  • Click on the NSHE Workday Training Quicklink item
  • Type "Expenses" in the search bar
  • Scroll down ​and click on the "Create Spend Authorization" document

Visit GSA's website to locate appropriate lodging and per diem rates (see: Lodging and Per Diem).

Choose the least expensive method of travel.

If mileage reimbursement is the only expense, proceed to creating an expense report.