Athletics Travel Procedures

Travel procedures for Athletics are directed by the TMCC Athletic Travel Policy along with NSHE Board of Regents Handbook, NSHE Procedure Guidelines, The State of Nevada, and Federal Guidelines.

Responsibility and Enforcement

It is the coach’s responsibility to comply with the Travel Procedures for Athletics. The Athletics Director will be responsible for accurately reviewing travel documents for compliance with policy and procedures.

Propriety should be exercised when incurring travel expenses. Expenses incurred while in official business travel status will be reimbursed only if the expenses are properly authorized, reasonable, and documented. Expenses incurred by a traveler that do not comply with procedures are the responsibility of the traveler. Coaches and staff are expected to be fiscally responsible at all times during travel.

Spend Authorizations for Athletics Team Travel

A Spend Authorization must be completed prior to travel in order for the travel to be approved and authorized, availability for insurance coverage, and/or for Pre-loaded Travel Cards.

Before travel, a Spend Authorization must be completed. Coaches will provide supplemental information to the Athletic Director, including a team itinerary, list of travelers, coaches’ contact information, and other information regarding mode of transportation, pre-loaded travel cards, lodging, team meals and per diem rates for athletes and staff.