Budget and Planning Office

TMCC's Budget and Planning Office manages the development, management, monitoring and reporting of the College's financial resources.

Budgeting Information General Contracts Purchasing and PCards Travel Procedures Frequently Asked Questions

Budgeting Information

The TMCC Budgeting staff are responsible for the development, allocation and monitoring of TMCC's state-appropriated and self-supporting budgets. The unit prepares the College's biennial budget request and annual operating budgets

General Contracts

TMCC departments handle preliminary contract negotiations and arrangements with the agency or vendor, and under limited circumstances, may sign contracts. Contracts staff process contracts in accordance with Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) procedures and guidelines.

Purchasing/Purchase Card Program

The TMCC Purchase Card (PCard) program is intended to reduce costs associated with the procurement/buying processes. Faculty/staff can use a TMCC PCard to make purchases less than $2,000.

Travel Procedures

TMCC's Budget Office approves all expense reports submitted for travel.