Faculty Training

All faculty are required to attend training according to the TMCC Standards for Online Instruction.

Please visit the Professional Development Office to view the training schedule. 

Training is an important part to teaching effectively online. WebCollege encourages faculty to attend workshops each semester in order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our online classes. The workshops below are offered each semester by the WebCollege staff.

Canvas I, II, III

This is the required course to teach online at TMCC. This session will cover all Canvas topics in one day for those who would like to learn the entire system in one training. It is geared toward faculty who teach online. In this session you will learn the basic features of Canvas including: Global Navigation, Preferences and General Course Navigation. We will then move on to creating assignments, including quizzes, discussion and incorporating rubrics. Finally, we will end with other resources, test bank information and any additional questions.

Canvas Updates

Learn about new updates in Canvas. This course is offered each semester and focuses on new updates and tool you can use inside of canvas.

Capture Space/Lecture Capture

Ever wanted to greet your online class in person? Ever thought, "It would be so much easier to show my class rather than try to type this out"? This wonderful recording platform is designed to help you easily make videos for your classes. It offers you features like screen sharing to show PowerPoint presentations and automated captioning.

Delivering Effective Online Courses

Want to improve your online instruction? This series of 4-week/module online course is designed to help faculty enhance the delivery of their online courses using a proactive course management approach. Faculty who communicate often and appropriately with online students support student engagement and promote a more successful learning environment. These sessions will focus on a variety of online strategies to ensure students are successful. Participants will learn about various online best practices and will practice select strategies in an active web course. Participants will need an active course or a clone of a future course in which to implement new strategies.

Improving your Online Course

The improving your online course workshop explores the QM Rubric and provides framework to improve the quality of online courses. Participants use the QM Rubric to review their own online courses and develop a course improvement plan.

Tips & Tricks to Online Course Design: Creating a Road Map

This three-week online Canvas workshop offers a $150 stipend upon completion of all three modules and will provide recommendations for a systematic approach to using course framework fundamentals and measurable learning objectives as a guiding force in course design. During this workshop, participants will complete the following: 1) Identify the fundamentals of course framework and purpose of clear expectations; 2) Examine pedagogy in carefully crafted learning objectives and mindful online course design; and 3) Perform a basic instructional analysis and develop a course road map to content alignment.

Creating Accessible Content in your Online Class

This 4-week online course provides a foundation for creating content that is universally designed and inclusive of all learners. An overview of assistive technologies is included, along with multimedia demonstrations of their use in online courses. The basic principles covered in this course can be applied to any Learning Management System and content uploaded into them using external software tools.

This training is divided into four main sessions.

  1. Canvas Content Accessibility Part 1
  2. Canvas Content Accessibility Part 2
  3. Word Accessibility
  4. Powerpoint Accessibility