Faculty Training

All faculty are required to attend training according to TMCC's Standards for Online Instruction.

Please visit the Professional Development Office to view the current training schedule.

Professional Development

Training is an important part to teaching effectively online. WebCollege encourages faculty to attend workshops each semester in order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our online classes. The workshops below are offered each semester by the WebCollege staff.

Canvas I, II, III

A requirement for online instructors, this one-day workshop covers Canvas basics for those who would like to learn about all system features in one single training. Content is geared toward faculty who currently teach online, or are developing an online course for an upcoming semester. We will address basic Canvas features including: global navigation, preferences, general course navigation, creating assessments (quizzes, discussions, and assignment submissions), and rubric application. The workshop will conclude with an overview of test banks, Canvas resources, and any additional questions. *Supporting Faculty Standards for Online Instruction include: 1.1|3.4

Tips & Tricks to Online Course Design: Consistency in Course Presentation and Student Navigation

This two-week, online workshop offers participants a background on pedagogy behind consistency in course presentation, as well as an examination of how a universal student landing page can create clear navigation paths for eLearners. As educators, we never want technology to be a barrier to succeeding in an online course. The available technology in an online learning management system (LMS), if used mindfully, can support and streamline the achievement of your anticipated learning outcomes. *Supporting Faculty Standards for Online Instruction include: 1.2|2.1|2.2|2.3|2.4

Tips & Tricks to Online Course Design: Creating a Road Map

This three-week, online workshop offers a $150 stipend upon completion of all three modules. Participants will receive recommendations for a systematic approach to using course framework fundamentals and measurable learning objectives as a guiding force in course design. During this workshop, participants will learn to identify the fundamentals of course framework and the purpose of clear expectations. Learners will also examine pedagogy in carefully crafted learning objectives and mindful online course design, and perform a basic instructional analysis and develop a course road map to content alignment. *Supporting Faculty Standards for Online Instruction include: 1.2|3.4|3.5|3.6

Tips & Tricks to Online Course Design: Increasing Interactivity and Student Engagement

This two-week, online workshop offers a $150 stipend upon completion of both modules, and will explore the significance of developing a clear communication plan for your online classroom. Levels of student engagement and success can stem from clearly expressing expectations for student and instructor interaction throughout the course. Learning activities and assignments provide ideal opportunities for interaction and relationship building, which is critical to creating a sense of community in an online course. This workshop will also share tips and tricks for stepping away from mundane discussion boards and anticlimactic online assignments in the online classroom. *Supporting Faculty Standards for Online Instruction include: 1.2 | 2.3 | 3.4 | 3.6 | 4.2 | 4.4 | 4.7 | 4.8 | 5.6