RSO Accounts and Fundraising Procedures

Procedures are current and approved by the SGA General Assembly as of September 2019

Club/organization treasurers should take responsibility of bookkeeping by maintaining an account register and balance sheet for the club/organization. When a change of officer occurs, the club/organization treasurer needs to ensure that the bookkeeping records are handed to the new treasurer. Deposit receipts and backup of expenditures need to be kept on file by the club/organization treasurer. Every academic term, the SGA will send out a statement of the club/organization’s account summary to each club/organization advisor and club/organization treasurer in order to reconcile the club/organization account register. You may also request a club/organization account statement at any time from the SGA.

The TMCC Accounting Services Office is responsible for all formal bookkeeping functions of Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) of the SGA. As each organization receives initial recognition, an account is set up through Accounting Services.

The Student Activities and Leadership (SAL) Coordinator and club advisor shall have signature authority on all club/organization accounts. Appropriate College and system policies and procedures must be adhered to in order to access funds within club/organization accounts. An organization treasurer must be appointed to monitor the debits and credits of the group, and the SAL Office shall make account status sheets available to organization treasurers and advisors as needed.

College Policy

  • There shall be no off-campus accounts of any kind for recognized student club/organization funds.
  • Student clubs/organizations shall adhere to College policy and procedure in handling all funds.
  • All purchases are tax-exempt.
  • Credit/Purchasing Card (PCard) purchases must be under $1,999.99.
  • Purchase Requisition Forms must be used for all purchases or expenditures in excess of $2,000.
  • Purchases exceeding $5,000.00 must be handled through the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) competitive bidding processes.
  • Student organizations are prohibited from deficit spending.
  • All checks to be deposited must be written out to the "Board of Regents". A description should be included in all deposits indicating the type and number of each item sold.