RSO Events Policies and Procedures


This information is intended for Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) only.

RSO members are responsible for conducting themselves in a manner which reflects positively on the College at all times. Students and advisors may be held accountable for their actions under the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Code Title 2, Chapter 6.

Advisors should address concerns about the possible violations of SGA, TMCC or NSHE policies to the Student Life and Development (SLD) Associate.

For additional information, please contact us.


All contracts involving RSOs must first be approved by the Student Activities and Leadership (SAL) Coordinator, who will work with the vendor and the TMCC Budget and Planning Office to finalize the contract. Additionally, funding must be approved prior to executing a contract, either through the RSO's policies, provided there is adequate funding in the RSO's account, or approval of an SGA Finance Request that includes the contract in the request.

Marketing and Other Communication Materials

All marketing and communications materials produced by or in support of an RSO must be approved by the SAL Coordinator. The SAL Coordinator will work with the RSO if any changes are necessary and then forward the materials to the TMCC Marketing and Communications Office for final approval. RSOs are required to abide by all TMCC Marketing and Communications policies. Marketing and Communications materials include flyers, posters, electronic postings of any kind and merchandise (shirts, tablecloths, water bottles, etc.). RSOs may design their own logo in cooperation with the TMCC Marketing and Communications Office, as required in their "TMCC Brand, Logos and Colors" policy.

RSO Meetings

RSO meetings are not considered on- or off-campus events. To schedule an RSO meeting, please contact the Scheduling Office directly. A current TMCC student member or advisor of the RSO must be present for the duration of RSO meetings.

RSOs need to request a non-public space when conducting meetings. RSO meetings may not take place in the Student Center (RDMT 100), Library Lobby, or in front of the TMCC Cafe.