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The TMCC Psychology Program offers engaging and varied classes to meet the academic and lifelong learning needs of our students. Students pursuing a degree in Psychology may choose to complete either an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree. The Psychology Program also offers a variety of courses to fulfill social science and diversity requirements for almost any degree at TMCC.

TMCC’s Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees in Psychology are intended to provide an effective academic background for those students pursuing a career in, or related to, Psychology. Students can anticipate completing foundational courses such as General Psychology, Social Psychology, Introduction to Neuroscience, Research Methods; as well as lifelong learning experiences through specific topics such as Psychology of Personal and Social Adjustment, Human Sexuality and Child Psychology.

The field of psychology is a truly massive one, which is often both a blessing and a curse. Its blessing is that it affords those who pursue it a host of opportunities. Its curse is it that it is easy to drown in those opportunities. TMCC's psychology program helped me navigate those opportunities and discover a path for myself that I do not think I would have otherwise. While I still do not know precisely where I will end up, thanks to the courses I was offered while pursuing my AA here at TMCC, I have a light by which to walk.

Jessie, TMCC Psychology Major

Why Choose Psychology at TMCC?

TMCC’s Psychology major offers several key advantages:

  • Our Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees are designed to seamlessly transfer to UNR. You can complete your lower division courses at TMCC and then transfer to UNR to complete either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree.
  • Our Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees are available both in-person and online so that you can choose the options that best support your learning preferences and schedule.
  • Our high quality faculty are committed to excellence in teaching and possess diverse expertise and interests such as Neuroscience, Developmental Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Forensic Psychology and Counseling/Clinical Psychology.
  • TMCC Psychology faculty have published articles and books, presented at conferences and hold professional certifications and licenses, in addition to having extensive community college teaching experience.
  • TMCC’s small class sizes give you the optimal opportunity to learn and discuss the material and get the personalized help you need to be successful in college.