Educational Leadership

Class Lecture


TMCC offers a three credit course called EPY 101: Educational, Career, and Personal Development, which provides a foundation for your success by introducing proven strategies in communication, critical thinking, and college success methods. You will explore study skills, career options and personal development to help you be more successful in all of your courses and in your future.

Why Choose EPY 101 at TMCC?

EPY 101 is a great choice for all students because it provides multiple benefits:

  • It is a transferable course that counts as elective credit for most majors. 
  • This class fulfills the Human Relations requirement for many of TMCC’s degree and certificate programs including many AAS degrees, certificates of achievement and the General Studies degree.
  • EPY 101 is taught by professional counselors, or instructors with similar backgrounds and training to support you through the curriculum.
  • Data analysis shows that students who take this class at TMCC are more successful in sticking with and passing other classes so there is a clear benefit to the tools that you will learn in this class.

What Will I Study?

This course is designed to help you adjust to the college environment. It provides learning opportunities to assist you in navigating your academic, career and personal growth on your path to success.

The class consists of lectures, discussions, interactive exercises, journal writings and presentations. Among the many topics covered are tips for reading, studying, note-taking, test-taking, writing and memorizing as well as management of time, stress and emotions.