Educational Leadership (EPY 101)

Class Lecture

Educational Leadership and Psychology (EPY 101) is a three-credit, transferable course designed to help students adjust to the college environment. It provides learning opportunities to assist students in navigating their academic, career and personal growth on their path to success.

The class consists of lectures, discussions, interactive exercises, journal writings and presentations. Among the many topics covered are tips for reading, studying, note-taking, test-taking, writing and memorizing as well as management of time, stress and emotions.

This course is offered during the Fall and Spring Semesters, with limited times during the Summer Session. EPY 101 is taught by professional counselors, or instructors with similar background and training.

EPY 101 can count toward a Human Relations requirement in various programs of study, (need to consult your particular curriculum worksheet) such as:

  • Associate of Applied Science – Emphasis
  • Certificate of Achievement – Emphasis
  • General Studies – Associate
  • General Studies – Certificate of Achievement

In addition, EPY 101 is a college-level, transferable class. It will transfer an elective credit in any Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degree programs.

If interested in registering for EPY 101, consult the regular enrollment process through MyTMCC.