TMCC Leadership Team

Dr. Karin Hilgersom Photo

Name: Dr. Karin Hilgersom
Title: President
Location: RDMT 200
Telephone: 775-673-7025

Estela Levario Gutierrez Photo

Name: Estela Levario Gutierrez
Title: Vice President of Student Services and Diversity
Location: RDMT 327
Telephone: 775-337-5647

Dr. Jeffrey Alexander Photo

Name: Dr. Jeffrey Alexander
Title: Vice President of Academic Affairs
Location: SIER 200
Telephone: 775-673-7090

Mike Peyerl Photo

Name: Mike Peyerl
Title: Vice President of Finance and Government Relations
Location: RDMT 328
Telephone: 775-674-7544

Elena Bubnova Photo

Name: Elena Bubnova
Title: Associate Vice President of Research, Marketing and Web Services
Location: RDMT 200 D
Telephone: 775-673-8240

Gretchen Sawyer Photo

Name: Gretchen Sawyer
Title: Executive Director, Foundation and Grants
Location: RDMT 200 G
Telephone: 775-674-7686

Ayodele Akinola Photo

Name: Dr. Ayodele Akinola
Title: Executive Director. Facilities Operations and Capital Planning
Location: FS 103
Telephone: 775-674-7617

Melissa Olsen Photo

Name: Melissa Olsen
Title: Executive Assistant
Location: RDMT 200
Telephone: 775-673-7104