Engineering is the application of science and mathematics to design and create products and services that improve people's lives.

Engineering at TMCC provides students with the strong foundation needed to pursue degrees and careers in a wide range of engineering and technology.

Why Choose Engineering at TMCC?

Engineering Students

Choose Engineering at TMCC will provide you with many advantages.

  • Completion of the first two years towards a bachelor's degree in Engineering at most major universities, including seamless transfer to the College of Engineering at UNR.
  • Small classes are limited to 28 students with both lectures and labs taught by the same instructor, so you get the support you need to be successful.
  • Hands-on experience in developing both technical and nontechnical skills needed in your career.

What Will I Study?

At TMCC students in Engineering will complete foundational courses in physics, chemistry, and mathematics, as well as other general education courses. Students will also complete ENGR 100: Introduction to Engineering Design, where they will learn design methodology and basic engineering skills. If you graduate with the Associate of Science (AS) degree in Engineering from TMCC, you can start at junior status at UNR in the Engineering programs. You will also be prepared to transfer in as a junior at most major universities.