Geology investigates our planet and life’s relationship with it—from the minerals that are the building blocks of the geosphere, to the plate tectonics that shape our planet like no other object in our solar system to the evolution of Earth and life over deep time. Geology views the planet as a system, where interactions between the rocks, water, air, and life create and change the world as we know it. The geology program focuses heavily upon humanity’s interactions with this system, including our needs for water and mineral resources, the impacts of natural hazards, and the disruptive effects of climate change.

Nevada is a state that has some of the most exciting and varied geology in the United States, from the Sierra Nevada mountains to the Blackrock desert and beyond. The rich geologic history of Nevada influences our lives today making it a leading state in the production of gold, silver, lithium, gypsum, and geothermal power.

Geology Classroom

Geology classes at TMCC support degree programs in the physical sciences and help fill the general education requirements for degree completion.

Why Choose Geology at TMCC?

  • Satisfy your general education requirements while learning about your own backyard!
  • High-quality instructors who are excited and knowledgeable about the local geology, including the student-selected 2022 PTK Teacher of the Year, Roger Putnam.
  • Small classes are limited to 28 students, with lectures and labs taught by the same instructor, so you get the support you need to succeed.
  • Most geology classes include a field trip to look at Reno-area geology.