Computer Science

Close Up of a Motherboard


Computer Science focuses on the study of computers and computational systems. Learning to program computers is but one part of a vast field that explores the theory, design, and development of computer systems. Computer scientists explore a wide variety of fields from artificial intelligence to drone development to the building of computers and secure networks. They work in robotics, video game design, cybersecurity, commerce, and virtual reality. Computer scientists find creative solutions to problems and design innovations that change the world

Courses in the Computer Science program also support students in Engineering, Math, and Computer Technologies.

Why Choose Computer Science at TMCC?

Choosing to major in Computer Science at TMCC will provide you with many advantages, including:

  • The first two years towards a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (CS) at most major universities including a seamless transfer to the CSE program at UNR.
  • Small classes are limited to 24–30 students with both lectures and labs taught by the same instructor so you get the support you need to be successful.
  • Instructors who are working in their fields and come to the classroom with a wealth of experience.